Right now, Picnic is Free! 

But here's what it will cost in the future:

What’s up with your pricing model?

We want our pricing to be simple and also affordable for small teams. Instead of getting cheaper the more users you add, Picnic gets more expensive. Why? We're making a very broad assumption that big teams work at big companies with the ability to pay for Picnic, while small teams will benefit more from the discount. Of course this isn't universally true, that's why it's an assumption. Plus the more people using Picnic on a team, the more value your team gets from it.  
So here's what we're going to try...

The first 2 users are always free, then it's $15/user/month for each additional user.

The math is pretty easy: (total team members - 2) x 15 = $ price per month.
But the implications for small teams are meaningful. For a team of 3 people, your total bill is only $15/month. Or, just $5 a user.  
As a your team grows, the discount is always present, but as a less substantial percentage of your total bill.

Annual Discount

This one is easy: if you want to pay annually, you get a 33% discount. 
Rather than $15/user/month, you pay $120/user/year (equivalent to $10/user/month), plus you still get the first two users free.

What does all this mean

Here's a handy dandy table:

Team Size Effective Monthly Price Per user With Annual Billing
3 $5/mo/user $3.33/mo/user  ($39.96/yr/user)
5 $9/mo/user $6/mo/user  ($72/yr/user)
10 $12/mo/user $8/mo/user  ($96/yr/user)
25 $13.80/mo/user $9.20/mo/user  ($110.4/yr/user)
50 $14.40/mo/user $9.60/mo  ($115.2/yr/user)

Mixed Subscriptions

We also spent some time making sure that teams can utilize both monthly and annual seats in their plan. We know managing your team is complicated, and always subject to change. If you want annual seats for core team members, and monthly seats for those freelancers helping you out, we've got you covered.

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