Design seamlessly in the same Sketch file.
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Stop, Collaborate, and Listen.

Picnic is a plugin that allows teammates to work better together in Sketch. It ships with a handy-dandy project viewer so you can see what everyone is working on.

First 2 users are free,
then $15/user/month.

Or, bill annually for $120/user/year.

Launch Pricing

$30 / Month
4 users

Syncing with Dropbox

Picnic breaks Sketch files down and syncs them automatically over your team’s Dropbox, in not-quite-but-almost-real-time.

Your whole team in one file

Picnic brings everyone together in a single Sketch file, making for better organization, clearer communication, and a stronger team presence.

Keep on keepin’ on

In truth, Picnic is just a really fancy utility. Just keep using Sketch as normal, but with the added bonus of bringing friends (first one’s on us!).

“Picnic fits the way we work. We pair design, and have been able to generate ideas and test them up to 60% faster than before. We're sold.”

Coby Almond and Eli Silva

Pivotal Labs


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