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My file keeps crashing

Please send over a crash log and let us know what you were doing before Sketch crashed.
My file is out of sync
First try closing and reopening the project. If the project is still out of sync, you can reset your personal backup file by choosing the Reset option in the  project details pane. If resetting the project does not bring it back into sync, you can delete and re-add your Sketch project to Picnic. Before you delete your file make sure you export it and inform your teammates. 
What are the reasons I could be out of sync?
Network conditions can affect the speed of uploading and downloading changes between you and your teammates. If your teammates add several artboards or symbols, your file will be out of sync until all the new layers have synced.
How do I report a bug?
You can report a bug from the app by selecting your user icon in the toolbar or from the plugin by clicking your user icon in the pages panel and selecting Report a bug.

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