My team members are in a project but I don’t see their icons?
Large files will sometimes have issues showing the users in a file. We're workin' on it!

My project file won't fully sync. 

Try quitting and opening Picnic. 

My team name isn’t showing up in the app

Ensure you have an active internet connection. If your team name still does not appear, try logging out and back in or closing and reopening the Picnic app.
My app won’t update
Check that you’re currently connected to the internet. If the app still doesn’t update, download the app manually at
I tried importing a Sketch file that was older than version 44. Picnic told me I had to migrate my file, how do I do that?
Download  Sketch 44 or higher and simply open your Sketch file with the new version. Once you do that you can import the file into Picnic. 

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