Logging in

How does password-less login work?
When you create an account or login to Picnic, you'll enter your email. You'll receive an email that has an authentication link and once that link is clicked you'll be logged into Picnic. 
I’ve created an account / tried to login but have not received an email.
Check your spam folder — if it still doesn’t show up, try re-entering your email address on the login page. If that doesn’t work, get in touch with us at  [email protected]
I clicked the email link and was sent to an invalid email page.
Most likely your invite was cancelled. You may have been invited by mistake, or you should double check with your team admin if you were expecting an invite.
I just got disconnected from Picnic for some reason, how do I log back in? 
Easy, we have two ways you can log back in. Open up the Picnic App and enter your email where it says login. We’ll email you a single-use link to get you back to partying. The other option is to head to picnic.design, click 'login' and enter your email there. Same rules apply, we’ll email you a single-use link for access. 
I tried logging into Picnic and I was denied, can I get access again?
That’s a question for your team owner/admin. He/she may have removed you on accident. If there was a mistake, have an admin add you again. If that’s not working, email us at  [email protected]

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