Does Picnic have real-time syncing?

Nope, but if you’re working on the same network it’s pretty zippy (make sure you have LAN sync enabled in Dropbox)! Otherwise, the sync will be as fast as your internet connection. 
Why is it not real-time?
Our priorities for Picnic are to allow multiple people work in a single project so that you can share symbols, text styles and have a single source of truth. We think real-time collaboration is awesome (see Figma) but ultimately it’s not our number one priority. 
Do we have to use Dropbox?
For the time being, yes. Want another service? Shoot us an email at [email protected] or tweet us @workwithpicnic with what service you'd like us to integrate with. 
Does Picnic look at or store my files? What about my privacy?
Picnic does not store or transfer any of your Sketch file information. None, zip, zero. Because we use Dropbox, we simply write binary files into a directory on your hard drive. Your information and project data never touches a Picnic server, and your information is as secure as it was before using Picnic. We think this is pretty neat :)
How does passwordless login work?
When you create an account or login to Picnic, you'll enter your email. You'll receive an email that has an authentication link and once that link is clicked you'll be logged into Picnic. 
The owner of our team needs to be changed, how do we do that ?
You’ll need to contact us directly. Please make sure the person who sets up your account is the appropriate person. If that person leaves your org, we get it...we can help. 
I need to share my files with someone not using Picnic. What should I do? 
Got you covered. Use the desktop app to export your Picnic file back into a Sketch file so you can share until your hearts content. Theres a cute little button that says “Export.”
What's the difference between an Owner, Admin and Member?

The Owner is the person who created the Picnic team, they must have Dropbox sharing privileges. They also have all the abilities an admin has. 

An Admin has the ability to invite, delete and change member statuses. They also have all the abilities a member has. 

A Member is a user on your team who has access create new Picnic files, import Sketch files and work in Picnic files. 

How do I contact you?
Twitter: @workwithpicnic

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