Important Tidbits and Known Bugs

Two people cannot work on the same artboard even if they are changing different objects. If this occurs, one persons work will be overwritten. This action was possible in earlier versions but we walked that back when we realized that bundling objects on artboards decreased file size and increased syncing speeds by 10x. We'll continue to look for ways to overcome this limitation, but for the meantime we think it is the right tradeoff. 

Auto Save in Sketch is preferred. You’ll receive a dialogue box each time you open up a Picnic file if Auto Save is turned off. It’s also a good back up in case you need to revert your files at any point.
Use Selective Sync in Dropbox. If you are using the Dropbox Desktop app change your settings in your Dropbox so that you are not syncing the "Picnic Files.picnic" folder. We're all ready syncing your files through Picnic using Dropbox, so you won't have to do it again through the Dropbox app. 
Importing large files (100mb+) takes a bit of time. If you don't see your file pop up in the desktop app just give it a minute or two. 
We have a memory leak. In certain conditions, Picnic will cause Sketch to use up your available RAM. Restarting Sketch will get you back to normal, and we are working on resolving this.
Undo is a little wonky. If multiple people are undoing at the same time, one user will hit a wall where they are unable to undo. 
Before you export, make sure you've opened the file once before. If you haven't opened the file before, you'll export a blank sketch file. 
Work on an artboard. Working off an artboard can cause your objects to move or disappear. 
Nested symbol overrides work but they need a little nudge. Zoom in/out or change pages to see your changes reflected. 
Restart Picnic as you need to. If something isn't working quite right, the best place to start is to give Picnic and Sketch a quick restart. If that doesn't help, please  report a bug.

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