Welcome to Picnic

Hiya 👋

We're a team that's serious about collaboration and it's no fun stumbling over each other’s files, manually merging new symbols and trying to keep track of what everyone is up to. That's why we built Picnic.

Now you can have  multiple designers in a single Sketch file, which means:
  • Symbols, text styles and colors update for everyone across the entire file.
  • One file means a single source of truth which is always up to date.
  • Consistent designs with less back and forth communication since designers (devs and project managers as well!) have easy visibility into entire projects. 

Please note that Picnic is not real-time but if you’re working on the same network it’s pretty zippy (make sure you have LAN sync enabled in Dropbox)! Otherwise, the sync will be as fast as your internet connection. 

How does it work?

Picnic uses Dropbox (we’ll have more syncing applications integrated in the future) to sync your Sketch files with your entire team. When you open a Picnic file it looks exactly like a Sketch file, but your team members will have the ability to collaborate within the same file and see changes as soon as they are finished syncing.  

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